Samstag, 26. Juni 2010
Reibers waiting 4 u
Last friday Ronny and I went to Reibers to see what it looks like and found it nice and clean, ready to welcome you next sunday

They made all the repairs we had asked for and the youth hostel now looks really nice

This is the information board, where you will find important messages and information regarding our activities

We bought a few things to fill the kitchen.

With some food on the table the kitchen looks really welcoming

We can have snacks and prepare things for our culture evenings in this kitchen

This is Evelyn's store room - no access to it without permission ;-))

This is where the large group will take place. We'll have to squeeze a bit to fit in, but we'll manage

And this is the restaurant where we will take all our meals, run by Mr. and Mrs. Boden and their assistant Regina

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