Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010
The wheather forecast for Reibers/Dobersberg

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Samstag, 26. Juni 2010
SLEEPING BAG and/or bed-sheet+cushion+blanket, white T-Shirt,
and what's on the list below
Dear participants of peacecamp 2010

please don't forget to bring the following things to peacecamp:

- SLEEPING BAG AND/OR bed-sheet+cushion+blanket


- inexpensive WHITE T- SHIRT, washed, with your name written in it

- your FAMILY-ALBUM with photos, documents and texts about your family and origins

- your group's chapter of contemporary HISTORY
- your group's preparation for "Culture evening"

- SPICES or ingredients of your favorite food

- any music instrument you play and can bring - guitar, flute, drum, snappers, etc.

- an object of everyday life with which you can make sounds/music

- your photo-/videocamera, (if you have one)

- your favorite MUSIC. Maybe some music of your own culture/country

- if it exists in your country: ALPHABET SOUP

- CLOTHES: please bring a minimum - we have very little storage in the hostel!!!!!!!! but don't forget to bring:

- houseshoes/slippers
- pyjamas
- underwear
- jeans
- shorts
- light short-sleave-t-shirts
- long sleave shirt
- 1 warm sweater
- 1 pair of good waterproof shoes/sneakers
- rain cover or waterproof jacket
- head-cover
- sun-protection
- mosquito-repellent
- toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
- if you are a girl: sanitary napkin/tampax or the like
- some pocket-money to spend, just in case ;-)

- your favorite SNACKS and nibbles, just in case....

- good mood, patience and the courage to try out new solutions to old problems

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Reibers waiting 4 u
Last friday Ronny and I went to Reibers to see what it looks like and found it nice and clean, ready to welcome you next sunday

They made all the repairs we had asked for and the youth hostel now looks really nice

This is the information board, where you will find important messages and information regarding our activities

We bought a few things to fill the kitchen.

With some food on the table the kitchen looks really welcoming

We can have snacks and prepare things for our culture evenings in this kitchen

This is Evelyn's store room - no access to it without permission ;-))

This is where the large group will take place. We'll have to squeeze a bit to fit in, but we'll manage

And this is the restaurant where we will take all our meals, run by Mr. and Mrs. Boden and their assistant Regina

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Montag, 26. April 2010
July 13th
6.00 Departure to Vienna
8.00 Arrival Youth Hostel Hütteldorf 11.00 vienna4peace: Sightseeing, free time
15.30 Meeting at Dschungel/MuseumsQuartier
16.00 rehearsal4peace
17.00 Dinner at Dschungel/MuseumsQuartier
18.00 Welcoming addresses, speaches
18.30 show4peace Dschungel/MuseumsQuartier

00.30 last metro U4 leaving from Karlsplatz
Don't miss it: later arrival to the youth hostel is not possible!

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The timetable for peacecamp 2010 is subject to change.

To make the schedule bigger, click on it

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Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010
when you register for peacecamp 2010
1. a photo and a short description of yourself, with a few words about why you want to come to peacecamp, what you expect and what you could contribute
2. your participation sheet (it will be given to you by your group coordinator)
3. questionnaire "4 questions concerning peace" (it will be given to you by your group coordinator).
This questionnaire will also be given to you AFTER the peacecamp, and you will be kindly requested to fill it out again.

Please note that you may be requested to fill in other questionnaires at different times before, during or after the peacecamp to enable us to evaluate the peacecamp, as required by some of our sponsors.

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Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010
Where peacecamp 2010 will take place
peacecamp 2010 will take place in Austria, at the youth hostel in Reibers in the Waldviertel. You can see a lot of information about the place in

This is what the house looks like:
It used to be a school and was turned into a youth hostel.

This is the street in front of the house....

and a look into the village.

Behind the house, there is a courtyard...

... with plenty of open space and a place for a bonfire. Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!

In this kitchen we will be able to prepare some food. Feel free to bring some spices and ingredients for your favorite dishes. It can be fun to cook your national food and to share it with the others.

We will take our meals in the nearby restaurant, and use the rooms around the kitchen for our workshops

All pupils will share two large dormitories, one for the girls and one for the boys.....

.... and the adults small and simple bedrooms

It won't be luxurious, but just as nice and cosy as we'll make it.

All of us will have to bring sleeping bags and/or bedsheets
and maybe things to decorate the place and to make it a real "home" for us for the time we spend there.

There are washing places for the girls as well as for the boys. Don't forget to bring soap, shampoo, your toothbrush and your own towels and slippers.

We also have two larger rooms for our workshops and discussion groups

There is a nearby pond...

it's not really fitted for swimming

....but there are many beautiful spots for outdoor-games and activities.

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