Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010
Meet Naëmi Handler
allround helper at peacecamp 2010
Hi Everyone!
My name is Naëmi Handler, and I’m very happy that I could join the Austrian team! I will be there as an allround helper and I’ll do my best to jump in wherever necessary.
I feel honoured that I will be part of the Peacecamp, and am looking forward to take part in this special experience!
About me, I’m 22 and have -after some years of searching- finally found ‘my thing’: studying Art Pedagogy in Vienna. I have an older brother, three step-siblings, and family all over the world, including Israel and Hungary. Some people know me as a person who is very outgoing, who loves to laugh, sing, dance! Others know me as seeming shy and quiet. I have many different sides, and I enjoy finding new aspects of myself and others! In the picture you can see me (in the middle) with my ‘sisters by choice’. Love- of my family, friends, boyfriend…- is the juice of life for me!

Looking forward to meet you all!

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Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010
Accompanying teacher of the Hungarian group:
My name is Szilvia Kneusel, I am 33 years old and I live in Budapest, Hungary. In Budapest I work as an English teacher at Szent László High School. I have been teaching at this school for eleven years. I don’t only teach here but I also take part in different projects and student exchanges. I have been to Danmark and Italy with different groups and participated in an EU project with Italy.
I, myself also spent a year in the USA as an exchange student during my high school years so I experienced what it is like being a stranger somewhere.
I am married, my husband teaches French though not at the same school. We don’t have children yet so until that we enjoy being with other children/students.
In my free time I like travelling (I have travelled all over Europe, the USA and also Israel), reading, listening to music and going on excursions.

On this picture with teachers from peacecamp 2008, Szilvia Kneusel is the first one on the left side

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Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010
The Austrian delegation at work
peacecamp 2010
The Austrian group had a school topic named "peacecamp" and was working for a whole semester on related issues

They met in the school on saturday mornings - which is usually their day off

Their teacher Prof. Scharf (the lady in red) worked with the group

and will join the peacecamp in Reibers

On one of the saturdays, ronny and myself visited the group

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Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010
Ronny meets the Arab and the Jewish delegations
Yagour high school, May 2010
It was the first get-together in two ways: For the Jewish and the Arab group members to meet the guys of the respective other group. And for me to meet all of them

First, before we even started, 5 participants from last year's Jewish group came to say hello and to tell the freshmen: "You will see, peacecamp is a magnificient experience. Try to benefit from it as much as possible."

I explained to them what they will expect from peacecamp - but everybody nodded: "Don't bother. We know this already, our teachers have instructed us well."

OK, so we had a nice chat and had a good time. At the end of the meeting, the Jewish pupils showed their Arab colleagues their school

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Maysa'a and Nazira
2 Arab teachers/group-leaders

Maysa'a was with us at peacecamp 2008, Nazira was with us on 3 peacecamps - 2007, 2008 and 2009. Both work at the Hagalil high school. they help recruiting and preparing the groups for the peacecamp. They are also working towards a peacecamp-reunion in Israel, due to take place in Israel in summer 2011.
Nazira will accompany the delegation of peacecamp 2010 to Reibers.

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Meet the Hungarian group
1. Balázs Szabó

Hello everyone! My name is Balázs Szabó and I’m 17. I live in Budapest with my mom and we live in a gardenhause. I haven’t got any brother or sister but I have 3 cousins. I like play ball games and play the guitar but I can’t sing really well. In my freetime I usually be with my friend, listen music, or just hangin around the Internet. I learn english and german in the school but I prefer english. I haven’t got any idea about what to write I hope we’ll have a very good time each other. See you there! Balázs

2. Bence Fóti

My name is Bence Fóti and I'm a 17 years old boy. I'm living in a detached house with my parents my sister and with our dog. I biked a lot a year ago but now I have started to play basketball (because I'm very tall). I like music (who doesn't) but now I don't play any instruments. I'm listening to hungarian rap music nowadays but I like pretty much every kind of music

3. Helga Csarnó

Hi, my name is Helga Csarnó but people usually just call me 'Ella'.
I'm 17, I study italian at the biligual faculty of my school. I have
way too many hobbies... maybe the most important one is music -
listening to it, making it (I play flute and the guitar, or at least
trying), so i'm a real addict. I love reading and writing, i usually
have a diary or something to write in with myself. I do irish jig, so
i like dancing as well. I have wonderful friends with whom I love
hanging out. I'm interested in web designing and journalism.
I wanted to join the camp, because I already heard about it from my
friends, and what they told me made a huge impress on me. I'd love to
know people from so different cultures and I'm quite sure this camp'll
be the begining of a beautiful friendship.

4. Virág Kemecsei

Szent László Gimnázium, Budapest

Dear everyone,
I’m really looking forward to the camp in July. First here is some information about me.
I live in the easternmost district of Budapest with my father, mother and my 18 years old brother. I’m a first-grader in Szent László Secondary school where I’m attending a special English class.
In my free time I enjoy drawing, painting, hanging out with friends and listening to music. I used to be a real rock music fan, but nowadays I listen to anything from classics through drum and bass to metal. By the way, I’ve been playing the violin for 6 years, and I started playing the guitar last year.
That’s all for now, I’ll save the rest for the time we will spend together.
Best wishes,

5. Orsolya Kéri

My name is Orsolya Kéri. I’m 17 years old. I live in Budapest with my parents and my sister in a detached house. I’m studying in Szent László High School. I study English and Spanish there. In my spare time I like playing tennis, listening to music and going out with friends. My hobby is travelling because I like to explore different countries and cultures. I’m open, friendly and really talkative. 

6. Viktor Tóth

My name is Viktor Tóth , I am 16 years old, I’m from Hungary. I have a really nice family. I like playing the guitar, drawing and talking with my friends after school . I like do sports, football, rowing and running. I’m also interested in biology, languages, I study English and Spanish in he school .
I am looking forward the journey, Viktor

7. Pápai István

My name is Pápai István, Mice and I will turn 16 in January. I'm a pupil of
the Szent László Secondary School. In my free time i like to play
guitar, listen to music, take photos, read books or just relax. I'm
also interested in languages and different cultures. I learn enlish
and spanish, but I think so my english is much better (except my
pronunciation :)) I'm very talkative and I can make new friends fast.
I'm looking forward to meet you... See you there!

8. Nóra Lissák


My name is Nóra Lissák. I am sixteen years old. I have a big family. I live with my father, Berci, and my big brother, Bence, and three step brothers, Áron, Ábel, Ádám. And my half brother, Barnabás, who is a baby, and my step mother, Niki. We have a big house in Leányfalu. My favourite subject is Maths and History. I like to be with my friends and have fun with them. I like playing volleyball and this year my school group won the KIDS, which is a sport championship for Catholic schools. I am friendly and helpful. I helped to the homeless in Szentendre. I gave food pack and clothes to them. This was organized by my school.

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Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010
Meet the Arab-Israeli delegation
from Hagalil High School in Nazareth
1. Dunia Abed

allow me to introduce my self Dunia Abed is my name in the first my greetings for my school and teachers because they give me this chance to write for you and to introduce my self. I Also reported my name's dunia 16 years old i am learn at galil school in nazareth and i so proud by both my hobbies : swimming ,reading ,dancing ,listening to music and all the sports and exactly a specially for me a basketball i like it so much and i do it in my Leisure. i believe in peace and the peace is such a relative issue or subject to be discussed because as anything in our life. and that reminds me the quote of the praised Albert Einstein when he said" all is relative according to the observer" . and this sentence from the huge Albert Einstein i Adopted by it because i believe that every thing in our life is relative

2. Ibrahim Taha

My name is Ibrahim Taha, I am fifth-teen and a half years old. I study in Galil school in 10th grade. I am a lonely child, I live with my mother and father in Nazareth. I like music and to play tennis. In my free time I read Palestinian history and I chat with my friends, I write pottery about Palestine and I play Aoud, I started to play Aoud five months ago. Now I don’t know what I want to be in the future, but sometimes I think that I want to be an engineer but I still haven’t decided. I participate in many activities. I joined "peace child" that we are Arabs and Jews. We practice for a play which we will perform it soon. The play is about a little prince who tries to achieve his goal which is peace between Arabs and Jews.
I want to go to Austria because I want to make my voice and my people's voice be heard, and I want to see if peace is: the impossible dream or The hard dream or A dream which needs a lot of work to achieve.

3. Natalie Hassan

My name is Natalie Hassan and I am 17 years old , I live in Israel in the city of Nazareth .
I am a student at Al-Jaleel high school in 10th grade . I have a lot of friends in school , we have a strong relationship and we love each other . My best friend in my class is Dunia , I respect and appreciate her and she does it back . I don't know what to be in future but I am really sure that I will be a good person who is applicable to society .
My goals in my life are so much , two of them is to be a successful in everything in my life , and trying to create my space in society and prove that I am capable to make huge changes by small things . My hobbies are : reading classic books , dancing vogue dances , singing in three languages , acting (I'm acting with peace children project in drama) , doing sport (I won the cup of the north championship at the race in Tel-Aviv) ,.
I am so sociable and I join many assemblies in Nazareth ... Each assembly adds to my personality different things that foregathers together and make one personality in one person . Summarily , I want to add one more thing ! All what I said doesn't mean that I want to win in everything , and as ' Mother Theresa' said "Winning doesn't always mean being first , winning means you're doing better than you've done before", and what I am doing and I am proud of myself and my parents are proud of me too


Hi, my name is NIDA'A KRAYEM .
I'm 16 years old , I live in Israel in Nazareth . my nationality is Palestinian girl .
I'm studying in Galilee high school . and I have 2 sisters.
My hobbies are singing , writing , reading , swimming and riding horses .
I like to know many things about other culture and I like to visit other places.

5. Omar Shahwan

Hey, my name is Omar Shahwan and I am 16 years old I live in Nazareth (Israel) but I am originally from Jerusalem, I have one older brother and a sister.

My hobbies are: reading, swimming and I love watching movies.
I hope that peace will prevail, so we can live safely with out wars and disasters.

I really can't wait to meet you guys this summer.

6. Raghad Jabareen

My name is Raghad Jabareen , I am 16 Years old, and I am a 10 Grade I live in Israel in Nazareth city , I have a 2 brother and 2 sister and I love my parents and my dream is to visit Austria and I see that the dream is coming true , my hobbies are the swimming and sometimes the dancing , i am looking forward in meeting every one of you, I wish to be friends with all because I love to make friendship with people .


Hello! My name is TAREQ ABU-ASAD and I am 16 years old. I live in NAZARETH, in Israel, I learn in galil high school. I have one older sister and two older brothers. They are 22 and 21 years old and 18 years old.

My biggest passions are music and arts of the pop music.
I also spend a lot of my free time playing football in the club, and i practice three times a week for two hours in strength training. I am fan of doing any kind of sports, but football and tennis are my favorites.
I am really looking forward in meeting every one of you! I hope we'll have a great time together.
I believe that there is a way to bring peace to Israel and Palestine, and I hope that we can do this.
like to go out with my friends or to go to our weekend home with my family.
I am looking forward to meet new friends and I hope that I can promote peace.

8. Yehea Hajeer

Hi everyone, I am Yehea Hajeer.
I am 16 years old, my city is very beautiful and famous it is Nazareth . I learn in Algalil high school , by the way it is very big school in Nazareth. I think that the life is experience , help us to know other people and learn from them , this is what I love . Real Madrid is my best team . My ambition is to be famous man and to visit all the countries in the world , My favorite food is the east food .
In the end I want to tell you that the best thing of my life is my family , it is very big family constituent from : my father , my mother , five sisters and two brothers. they give me the power that I need .

9. Bahaa Taha from the Nazareth Baptist school

My name is Bahaa Taha I live in Israel in Nazareth city, I have been invited to the peace camp by Evelyn the leader of the camp.
I'm 14 years old I'm learning in Nazareth Baptist School, I love math, science and English lessons.
My hobbies are: swimming , playing football and playing basketball.
I like to travel so much and I have been in many places , and I'm planning to travel more in the future to meet people and learn about their cultures.
Thank you , see you there !

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Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010
Meet Andrea Prinz
crowdMarshall on peacecamp2010

Hi everyone, I’m Andrea Prinz.
I am 21 years old and I actually come from a tiny village near Linz, but I moved to Vienna to study Sociology. I love Vienna, where I can always meet friends, go out and have fun - but after all, I sometimes enjoy just to escape from the city and relax at the countryside. I have a weakness for music, i love going to concerts and i also played in a band.
This is the first time I am attending the Peacecamp and I‘m really looking forward to it! As the „crowd marshall“ it will be my task to take the minutes of the large group on my notebook and to help where help is needed.
See you soon, Andrea

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Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010
Meet Friederike SCHARF
Coordinator of the Austrian delegation from the
Akademisches Gymnasium in Vienna

My name is Friederike SCHARF. I am teaching French and History at the Akademisches Gymnasium since 1979.
I have two sons, 17 and 20 years old. I am interested in arts, theater and movie. I like to have walks with my dog and to meet friends. I like meeting peoples from other cultures, so I have Iranian, Israeli, French and Turkish friends.
I was really impressed when I heard of the Peace camps initiative from Evelyn Böhmer- Laufer. That´s why I am very happy to have the possibility to participate this year with some pupils.

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Meet the Austrian delegation
Akademisches Gymnasium
1. Jubin AMIRI

Hello! My name is Jubin AMIRI and I am 16 years old. I live in Vienna, the capital of Austria and visit a high school located in the center of the town. My father is Iranian, he fled to Austria after the revolution, and my mother is South-Korean. I have got two older sisters. They are 18 and 21 years old. A big part of my Iranian family lives also in Vienna.

My biggest passions are music and arts of the 60ies and 70ies. I listen to this kind of music every day, especially bands like Led zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix,The Who, C.C.R etc. I even play an electric guitar.
I also spend allot of my free time palying american football in my club, the Vienna Vikings. We practice three times a week for two hours.
I am really looking forward in meeting every one of you! I hope we have a great time together.

2. Michael WILNITSKY

Hey, I'm Michael WILNITSKY. I am in the 7th grade of the Akademische Gymnasium, which is a college primarily specializing in languages and humanitarian formation.
I am basically interested in sports, politics, multi-media and traveling.
Actually, I am fan of doing any kind of sports, but football and tennis are my favorites.
I am Jewish and my parents settled from the former Soviet Union to Austria approx. 20 years ago.
My grandparents have been living in Israel for 20 years and that's why I am somehow connected to this country.
As everyone who visits Israel, I felt in love in this country and therefore I am even more interested in working for peace for the Israeli population.
I believe devoutly that there is a way to bring peace to Israel and Palestine.
This way is not an easy one, so we need cooperation of both parties.
I'm looking forward to spending interesting days with different people who all share the same aim

3. Fabian SOMMER

My name is Fabian SOMMER and I’m in the 11th grade at “Akademisches Gymnasium” in Vienna. I’m an only child and my hobbies include playing water polo, photography, and, of course as an Austrian, skiing. I love alternative-rock music and enjoy going to concerts such as Oasis, Mando Diao, or The All American Rejects. I’m looking forward to meeting all the others and to a couple of fun filled days with all of you!

4. Franziska Simonsen

My name is Franziska Franziska Simonsen , I am 16 years old and I am living In Vienna (the capital of Austria) in the 3rd district near the inner city. I have got 2 elder brothers, both are studying in Vienna.
My hobbies are singing (in our school chorus), reading, snowboarding und I love music. I like to go out with my friends or to go to our weekend home with my family.
I am looking forward to meet new friends and I hope that I can promote peace.


Hi everyone! My name is Amanda. I am sixteen years old and I’m living in Vienna. My parents are originally from Germany and Italy but we live here since ten years now. In my spare time I love to go out with my friends and just hang around in coffee shops or go downtown. I also enjoy reading books (English classics are currently my favorites!) and travelling.
I'm attending peacecamp because I believe that everyone can promote peace and things like this camp can make a chance. And besides I can't wait to get to know new people!! "


What's up? My name is Ananda C MUNDSTEIN. I'm home in Vienna, but I am rather a "cosmopolitan" than an Austrian, because my family background is half Chinese, half German and I myself was born in Boston.
My hatred for war is what made me participate in this activity, I'd be happy if we could create a stable framework for a peaceful life between Palestinians and Israelis in future. So starting off with bringing the youth together is a pretty good idea, I think.
I'm looking forward to having an awesome time with you.


Hey there! My name is Anna and I’m sixteen. I live in Vienna (Austria) and I also go there to school. This picture has been taken on the 24th of December where my family and me were celebrating the Christmas eve. I have a two and a half years older sister named Nina and of course a mother (Milena) and my father (Hans). In school my favorites subjects are languages (French/ English) and Arts. Outside of school my hobbies are dancing, swimming and meeting my friends.
I’m really looking forward to get to know each of you and hope that we will spend an unforgettable time together=)
See you!

8. Bath-Sahaw Baranow

Bath-Sahaw Baranow is 16 years old, was born and raised in Vienna. Her parents were born in the former USSR, so she has a small hint of what it is like to have a mixed up identity and live between two or more cultures.

9. Hannah Jöchtl

"My name is Hannah Jöchtl. I´m 16 years old and I´m from Vienna in Austria. In my spare time I play violin and viola, I meet my friends, I go swimming or skiing or I go shopping. I´m looking forward to the Peace Camp and to meet new people."

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